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Beware the impact of Auto Update Stats kicking in unexpectedly..

Interesting catch today with someone complaining of some API latency a week ago for a couple minutes.  IGNITE shows some 50 processes blocked at this time: Head blocker is a SPID (694) from a SOAP server. The SQL being executed … Continue reading

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Work Life Balance/Effectiveness

In an effort to achieve more Work Life Balance or effectiveness as its now known I have changed my core working hours from 6am – 3pm.  I’ve always been an early bird so these hours suit me just fine. Its … Continue reading

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Disk Perfmon Counters Explained (?)

Confused by disk throughput, latency, queue?  This will explain the Windows disk counters. Thank you Thomas Kejser:

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Snoqualmie Summit Skiing

Tried to upload my first GoPro video but WordPress does not allow..    Anyway here’s a cool pic of the kids:

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New SQL Server SKUs with SSD coming soon

Just been informed of 3 new SQL Server SKUs that have been designed for this year.  The SKU engineers have finally come to the table with a design that provides both the capacity and the performance we need. All of these … Continue reading

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2013-11-13 Perils of SSIS Logins Transfer

9pm – Harman gets me on Lync. He’s running some SSIS Logins transfer wizard for one of the new TAKO SQL servers we’re preparing to migrate to tomorrow and he’s now lost SQL access! Great! looks like the wizard has … Continue reading

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Sanya team building offsite

Just 3 hours flight from Shanghai is the seaside resort of Sanya which is also China’s southern most city and lies in the Hainan provence. It can be freezing n Shanghai but Sanya is 25 – 30 degrees C all … Continue reading

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