when you need 10,000 IOPS from direct attached storage

Our white lab coat engineers have provided a fixed range of optimised servers. In most cases we can find a server for our needs but just sometimes we need that extra capacity or IOPS.

Our priciest HP DL580G7 server at $33,000 comes in a 4u chassis, 4 socket -32 cores, 128GB RAM. 6 x 600GB local storage + 2 D2700 external arrays with 49 x 600GB drives. Total rack space 8u!

   click to view Disk Array config

This SKU peaks at 6,000 IOPS at 20ms latency. Not good enough for us! We need 10TB of storage and some peak IOPS requirements of 10,000. This is how we do it


Purchase an additional 2 drive arrays at a cost of $16,000 and fill them with 50 600GB SAS drives. Make allowance for the extra rack space and power and you’re away…

Standby for screenshots and iometer graphs…

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