SQL PASS Summit 2011

hey, I’m speaking at the PASS Summit in Seattle this year…..

I’ve been asked to co-present with the SQL CAT team on Private Cloud.  I’ll be talking about how my service does techie database and server stuff like “Virtualization” and  “High Availability”..

I practised my speech on my wife last night. Her eyes glossed over! but she said I sounded cool even though she didn’t have a clue what I was talking about…

I just hope they’ll understand my weird South African accent…


Well, I got through the summit.  You can check out the presentation that

About the Speaker

Alan Cranfield Senior Database Engineer, Microsoft
Versatile SQL SERVER DBA with 15 years experience managing critical production systems in large distributed enterprise environments.
Have been lucky enough to work in varied sectors like investment banking, insurance and gaming as well as a couple of years with NYSE Euronext during the peak of the financial crisis.
Currently living and working in Shanghai where I was recently asked by Microsoft to assist with ramping up the Commerce Platform DB operations team in Shanghai in preparation for their push to the cloud.

Speaker Sessions



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