Woman, baby killed as truck slams into moped with whole family on

yes, accidents to happen here – very often.   Tragic.

A woman and her infant baby were killed and three others were injured when the electric moped the five rode was hit by a truck yesterday at a busy intersection.

The woman’s husband, their daughter and nephew were rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment and are now in stable condition, police said.

The woman, 28, and the 11-month-old infant she held in her arms, died on the scene after the truck knocked down their moped and ran over them, witnesses said.

The accident occurred at 9:15am when the truck was turning from Jusheng Road onto Bao’an Road in Baoshan District and smashed into the moped. The woman and her baby were crushed under the wheels, witnesses said.

“The vehicle dragged the woman and the infant about 10 meters and then stopped,” said a witness.

According to the woman’s husband, surnamed Mu, the family was taking the baby to a nearby hospital to have a vaccine and they were stopping their moped in front of a red light when the construction vehicle hit them.

“My wife feared that the other two kids would be left unattended if we were out to hospital, so we took them on the moped,” said Mu.

Mu’s six-year-old daughter and five-year-old nephew were initially in comas after the accident, but both are now out of danger.

Mu’s relatives said they were demanding to see the woman and the baby for a last time, but the hospital didn’t allow them to see the bodies.

The construction vehicle, which belongs to Shanghai Tanghao Co, was fully loaded with construction debris when it hit the moped. Police are investigating the case.


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